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human-aided ai
Human aided AI
Incorporating AI into human assistants for increased response rate and perfect understanding.
Timely reminders
Get reminded on your duties whenever you want. Never miss a deadline again.
telegram icon
Telegram based
No need to download heavy apps whatsoever. All the conversations are handled through Telegram.

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Return on investment

We'll help you calculate how much money you'll be saving by switching to Rightys. Your responses are confidential and won't be stored anywhere.

Team member salary
Daily time in CRM
Team size

In a team of 0 members, if each employee makes 0 USD/month and spends 0 minutes per day updating the CRM, you will save

0 USD/month (0 USD/person)

by switching to Righty.

The beta program only costs 35 USD/month per user, so you'll get

0% return on investment

(and happier employees)